Ivory Snow Snowmen

Ivory Snow Snowman

2 cups Ivory Snow flakes
1/2 cup water
fabric scrap
orange paint
hat or "ear muffs"
decoration for hat
string & paper for sign

Assemble materials before beginning.  Paint a piece of toothpick orange for the nose.  Cut a piece of fabric approximately 12" x 1" and fringe ends for the scarf.

Pour Ivory Snow into a bowl, add water and whip with electric beater on high about 5 minutes until doughy. With damp hands, shape soap into three graduated-size balls and a few little snowballs.  Stack and secure the three bigger balls (with biggest on bottom of course) by gently pushing a toothpick halfway into the center of one ball and then pushing another ball on it until they touch.

Add twig arms, the toothpick nose, clove eyes and buttons.  Tie the scarf around the neck.  Make a smile with a row of cloves (or seed beads). Add a top hat, decorated straw hat or make ear muffs from a piece of chenille stem and poms.

Cut a small piece of paper into a rectangular shape and print "Snowballs 10 Cents".  Glue edges of a piece of string to the back of sign and hang across a twig arm.  Stack snowballs beside him.

Let dry overnight.  Makes one 4" snowman and six snowballs.

Note:  I made this several years ago and pulled him out each year and he always looked great.  Eventually he disappeared, so I don't know how long he would last.  He is probably still in the back of my storage closet!