Sock Bottle Snowmen

Sock Snowmen
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Debbie saw a similar snowman and was inspired to make her own version.  Aren't they adorable?   Also this is a fantastic way to recycle those bottles and cans that fill up our landfills!  Pictures and instructions are from Debbie.  Thanks!

(1) two-liter soda bottle with no lid
(2) cups sand
(1) 4" Styrofoam ball
(1) man's tube sock
black felt
(1) soup can (or similar size can)
(1) pair wiggle eyes
(1) small wooden dowel (nose)
(1) pair children's white tube socks
(2) 1 1/2" Styrofoam balls (hands)
(1) plastic candy cane
1/2" or wider ribbon (scarf & hat trim)
(3) 1" buttons
Misc: black paint, permanent marker, glue gun, blush for cheeks, string

  • Clean soda bottle and fill with 2 cups of sand (or pellets). Sand is cheaper and works as long as it is clean and dry.
  • Push a 4" Styrofoam ball down onto tip of soda bottle.  Secure in place with glue.
  • Pull a man's tube sock over bottle bringing it to the top. Tie off with string and trim excess.
  • Make the brim of hat by tracing (small dinner plate works well) and cutting a large circle from black felt.  Paint the empty soup can black.  Glue the open end of soup can down on felt brim. Punch hole in center of felt and clip to edges of can.  Glue felt to inside of can.
  • Glue "hat" to the top of sock-covered ball.  The can opening hides the top of sock bulge.  Trim hat with ribbon that matches scarf.
  • Insert a 1 1/2" Styrofoam ball into one of the children's socks.  Glue the end shut, push the ball near the glued end and tie off with white thread to form the wrists.  Repeat with other sock. Glue toe end of socks to shoulders.
  • Tie scarf ribbon around neck to hide glued shoulders.
  • Glue buttons down the front and a candy cane over his arm.
  • Glue on wiggly eyes or paint eyes on.
  • Cut nose dowel to desired length, sharpen end in pencil sharpener, paint orange and glue to face.
  • Draw mouth with marker and add blush to cheeks.