Stuffed Snowman Pin

Stuffed Snowman Pin
submitted by
Donna Lee

When someone posted a cute little snowman to the THS bulletin board, there were more than 100 requests for the pattern, but no response.  So Donna Lee picked up the ball and put together this adorable snowman.
Thanks Donna!


  • Muslin, felt or knit for snowman

  • Felt, ribbon or piece of wool for scarf around neck

  • Knit for hat


  • Sew right sides of body together.  Slit in back at neck, turn and stuff with polyfil.

  • Glue green pine sprig on left side in the slit in back.

  • You may have to sew the slit in neck so stuffing doesn't come out.

  • Glue scarf around neck.  If it is too long, trim.

  • Glue two 7/8" buttons on front.

  • Sew hat together up one side and across the top.  Gather across the top of hat.

  • Turn hat right side out...turn bottom edge two times about 1/2 inch each turn.

  • Glue miniature bell on top of hat.  Glue hat onto head.

  • Glue star on toothpick or use a stick or any miniature candy cane, wreath or any trim for front decoration.


  • Use large needle and punch hole in front for nose.  Paint a 3/4" piece of toothpick orange and glue into hole.  You can use miniature pom poms or beads for nose.

  • Paint two little black dots for eyes.

  • Glue pin on back.