Three Board Snowmen

Three Board Snowmen

My DSIL Bridget is an avid snowman collector and made the following snowmen.  Aren't they delightful?


  • Paint three boards white.  Bridget used 18", 20" and 22" pieces of 2" x 4" board.

  • Paint eyes like coal, a carrot nose, a smile (could be a row of black coal dots), a scarf, a mitten and three or four buttons down the front.

  • Screw the three  boards onto a thick piece of 8" x 12" plywood.  Screw that plywood to another 8" x 12" piece for extra sturdiness.  Cover the base with batting or anything that resembles snow.

  • Put odd socks (that the sock monster missed) on their heads and tie the end of each sock in a knot.

  • Paint a "Let it snow!" sign on a piece of 18" x 3" x 1/2" piece of wood and nail it to a 1" x 3" support.  Nail this sign to the back of one of the snowmen as shown.

  • Spray with clear acrylic sealer so that is is durable for inside or outside.

  • Note:  For Halloween paint ghosts on the other side for a reversible decoration.

Three Board Snowmen