Memory Quilt

Memory Quilt
by Karen Thomas (my daughter!)

My daughter made this for my grandson's paternal grandparents.  They live several states away and he usually only sees them in the summer, so I'm sure they are enjoying this.  It has pictures of him and his only cousin.  She also left some of the outside blocks empty for later expansion.  A new cousin is expected in a couple of months.

Since she works fulltime she came up with this simple pattern out of necessity to get it done quickly. You can make it any size. This one is made from blocks of 5" squares, 7 across and 8 down.  With the alternating solids and prints, there is room for 28 pictures on the solid squares.

June Tailor Colorfast Printer™ Fabric Sheets were used in this project.  This quilt took 5 sheets and they were found at Wal-Mart.


  • Sew your blocks together in the desired pattern.
  • Cut a piece of batting the same size of quilt.  Cut a piece of fabric or sheet for backing.  If possible leave them larger than the quilt top because hers shifted while sewing the pictures on.
  • Sandwich the batting between the quilt top and backing with right sides out.  Loosely tack them together with needle and thread using large stitches.
  • Scan, size and print your pictures onto plain paper.  Trim pictures and place on quilt.  This way you can go back and resize pictures or use different ones or whatever until it is exactly as you wish.  When completely satisfied, print the pictures on the printer fabric sheets.  Trim the pictures leaving about 1/4" around each picture.  Trim the corners and iron the edges under.
  • Sewing through all layers and sewing fairly close to the edge of the picture, sew each picture onto the blocks as desired.  It is also easier to angle them and it gives it a whimsy look. She was afraid to put pins in the pictures and they did slide a bit.  You could probably glue with fabric glue to hold and then sew.
  • Trim the backing to fit the quilt top and turn edges of both under.  Trim the batting just enough to fit between.  Sew the batting and quilt top together.  Gently rip out the tacks.  The sewing on the pictures will hold the layers together. Enjoy!

Here is the one she made me. I treasure it! The fabric squares are sewn right into this one as part of the blocks and took longer.  That's when she decided she had to find a faster way!


Clip Art Credit: Unknown