Heirloom Wedding Hanky

Heirloom Wedding Hanky

This is a great sentimental gift for young brides.

10" square white handkerchief *
1-3/8 yds. white 1" edging lace
1-1/2 yds. 1/4" white satin ribbon
  (or match ribbon to bride's colors)
fabric glue (if not sewing)
needle & white thread
directions for bride

Glue or stitch lace around all four edges of right side of handkerchief with ruffle to outside.  *If you don't have a handkerchief, make your own.  Just finish off edges on a square of pretty linen or your favorite suitable fabric and then sew on the lace.

Cut ribbon into a 24" piece and a 30" piece.   (The reason for the lengths is given in the "bride's directions" below.  Tie the two ribbons into small bows with long streamers.  Cut ends at an angle.  Tack the bows to opposite corners of handkerchief.  Trim the poem below.  If making several, print poem four to a page here.  Also print the bride's directions to transform the hanky into a bonnet.   Trim edges of the directions.  Place poem and directions into a box with the handkerchief for a wonderful shower gift.

Wedding Hanky Poem



Heirloom Wedding Hanky

A little hanky as square can be,
I'm here to start a tradition of glee.
Carry me on your wedding day.
I'll be there every step of the way.

Then later when things settle down...
You've packed your wedding gown,
and thoughts of wedding sonnets
turn to thoughts of baby bonnets...

I'll still be right here with you
no longer your something new,
but one day to be your baby's old.
Only now with stitches and a fold...

I'll turn into a bonnet for baby to wear
and one day our secret we'll share...
The bonnet once worn upon baby's head
is a hanky to carry when your baby is wed.
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