Rice Roses

Rice Roses

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Here's another project from my old CraftMallUSA site from 1998 recently found, along with a silly poem written ten years later.

5" or 6" Square of silky white fabric
(crinoline fabric works great)

Wooden flower pick with wire

Silk leaf or silk leaf cluster

Green florist tape

Bird seed or non-swelling rice

Rice Roses - Wedding Craft Project

Fold fabric in half and in half again so that you have a 2 1/2" or 3" square.  Only one corner (that was the center of the fabric) has no cut edges and is a "finished corner".  Position square so that the finished corner is upward and form a cone by rolling two outside edges to center, overlapping.  Leave a small opening at the top.

Insert the flower pick up through the bottom of the cone and gather up the bottom of the fabric with your fingers around the flower pick so that you now have a rose. Tightly wrap the wire around the bottom of the rose to hold fabric.  Wrap florist tape snugly around the bottom of the fabric covering the wire and down the pick to hold it all in place.  Add a leaf or leaf cluster wherever you like as you wrap.

Each rose will be unique depending on the size of the fabric square, how tightly you pull it, the angle you pull the fabric to form the cone, the size of the top opening, how you bunch it up to gather it, where you put the leaf, etc. This is the beauty of nature.

Using a small spoon or funnel, fill each rose with bird seed or non-swelling rice.  Arrange in a vase for each guest to take one before the bride and groom leave.  After tossing the bird seed or rice, each guest will have a nice memento of the wedding.

Rice Roses Poem



Rice Roses

Let's do one last celebration today
of this marriage that God so blessed.
Give a sendoff to the bride and groom
and let the birds clean up the mess!
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The stork will soon arrive
at our destination,
so let's let all the birds join
in our celebration.

Please help us as we
scatter about this seed,
because the stork and God
have blessed us indeed!

Then later fill it back up
and when you're aching bad,
pop it in the microwave
and use it for a heating pad.
©2008 ST - CraftSayings.com

©2008 ST - CraftSayings.com

Your fairy princess knows
that having surgery is not fun,
but she will be right there
with you until the doctor is done.

She will be watching over,
for fairies help out each other,
and she is a true fairy princess
and you are truly another!
©2008 ST - CraftSayings.com

In celebrating our new bundle of joy
please feed our friends, the birds.
We hope this symbol of love and care
says what can't be put into words!
©2008 ST - CraftSayings.com