Tampon Angel

  • Wet fingers and flick water onto a tampon until it fluffs up.  (A brand with "Easy Glide" in the name works well.)  Spray it with gold glitter paint and let dry.

  • Glue a round wooden bead (head) to top and paint a face on.  Glue hair on.  It's okay if she is having a bad hair day! lol

  • Glue a piece of chenille stem to back and bend to the front for arms.  Glue a flower in her arms.

  • Bend a piece of shiny gold chenille stem into a halo shape and glue to head.

  • Glue purchased wings to back.

  • String is already on tampon! So she is ready to hang or you can glue on a pin back.

  • Print and add a poem from below.

Print Menopause Angel here.
Print PMS Angel here.

© 2000  by Shirley Thomas
@ CraftSayings.com

You may not need me anymore
but I'll still be your guardian angel.
Better times are coming and as before
I'll protect you and no one I'll tell.

I'll be here with you through each
of the hot flashes & mood swings,
and help guide you to the peace
that Mother Nature in time brings!

Just in case all your memories of me are gone,
My secret is. . . I am made from a tampon!

PMS Angel
© 2000  by Shirley Thomas
@ CraftSayings.com

When your weight begins to bloat
and everything gets your goat. . .
When your nerves begin to itch
and your mood begins to glitch. . .

You feel like your life is cursed
and that your temper may soon burst. . .
Remember it is only for a few days
and then it's back to your normal ways.

So I'm here to be your guardian angel
And help you thru this temporary hell!
It will soon pass.  Oh, yes it will,
But I'll give you an angel caress until!

Clip Art Credit:  http://www.clipsahoy.com (menopause angel)