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Lady Bug Pavers
by Dee Wadsworth (left) and Zenova Hahn (right)


Dee's Lady Bug (left):

Half brick paver
Red, black & white acrylic paint
Wiggly eyes & black chenille stems
E6000 glue & acrylic spray sealer

  • Paint body of paver red. Let dry.
  • Paint "head" black & let dry.
  • Repeat painting.
  • Paint black spots on body. Highlight with white when dry.
  • Spray with acrylic sealer....2-3 coats.
  • Glue on eyes.
  • Make antenna with chenille stem & glue to top of head.

Zenova's Lady Bug (right):  This lady bug was made basically the same way except Zenova shaped it slightly using a hand-held grinder. I believe the shapes of the pavers are different to begin with too.  The antennae are black wire wrapped around a  pencil, glued on with E-6000.

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