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Santa Grater

Kim graciously shared these pictures that she painted on a grater and I wrote the little poem below.  She got the idea from August 2001 Crafts Magazine.  If you missed this magazine you may be able to check it out from the library.

Kim said it was easy to paint.  Spray the grater white and then sponge the handle and top part red.  Draw the face with a Sharpie black marker pen and fill in the flesh face, red nose, cheeks and eyes.  And even the berries don't look too hard!

You can put a votive candle under the grater and I can imagine how pretty it must look.  But be careful as someone said that the grater gets very hot!

If you don't wish to attempt this e-mail Kim at and she'll send you one for only $10.50 plus $3.50 priority shipping.  Thanks Kim.  Great job!


Grater Santa
2001 by Shirley Thomas

Santa is special but this one brings
a message that is much grater.
May the light burning bright inside
remind you of our grate creator!

For He made all things grate,
both big and small,
and He loves us grately,
one and all!


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