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[TextCounter Fatal Error: Could Not Write to File _projects_holidays_halloween_pickled_worms_index.shtml]Pickled Worms

  • Make orange Jell-O using speed set method.  Place in fridge.
  • Make green Jell-O using speed set method.  Place in fridge.
  • When soft set, fill half way a clean baby food jar, jelly jar or any small jar with orange Jell-O.
  • Put a few gummy worms into the Jell-O, with half their bodies in Jell-O.
  • Pour a second layer of green Jell-O.  You may want to push in a few more gummy worms.
  • Cover top of jar with a small square of muslin or homespun fabric. Tie on with raffia or ribbon.
  • Print labels here.  Glue to jar with small amount of white tacky glue or glue stick.
  • Refrigerate.

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