Rickety old street sign with arrows cocked in different directions.
Wild Broom Rides, Vampire Kisses, Spells and Hexes, Candy House

Milepost signs

Transylvania 18 miles
Bat Caves 12 miles
Dracula's Castle 1 mile
Haunted House 5 miles
Monster Mansion 22 miles
Ghost Hangout 8 miles
Ghoul's Cove 3 miles
Spook Shack 7 miles
Pumpkin Patch 2 miles
Mummy Meadows 16 miles
Stray Bone Yard 4 miles
Witch Brew Tavern 6 miles
Crow's Nest Hallow 11 miles
Wicked Witch HERE!

Broomstick Lane, Hangman's Court, Boot Hill Blvd., Black Cat Court, Arachnid Avenue, Druid Drive, Voodoo Place, Witches Parkway, Graveyard Grunge Way, Haunted Hallow Way, Creeping Creek Lane, Jack-O-Lantern Lane, Graveyard Lane,  Spider Web Way, Dastardly Drive, Bat Blvd., Dracula Drive, Spooky Scream Street, Frightful Way, Pumpkin Patch Path, Scaredy Cat Lane, Devil's Drive, Black Raven Road, Pond Scum Junction, Dead End.

Post directional signs in an office building along hallway wall pointing to coffee room (Coffin Break), lunch room (Witches Brew), meeting room (Meeting Spell), bosses office (Fright Zone), hallway (Hallowed Haunted Horror Halls), bathroom (Dr. Jekyl's Laboratory) above commode (witches cauldron), elevator (dungeon), parking lot (Broom Parking), back door entrance (Graveyard Shift - Enter Here).

Gone Haunting. . . Will return at daybreak (front door or desk sign)
Skeleton Crew at Work in front of skeleton display
Broom Parking in Rear front yard sign
www.spider under a big spider web