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Handprint Turkeys


Double Handprint Turkey:

  • Trace a child's hand print onto paper and cut out as the pattern.  You'll need right and left handprints but if you have trouble getting the first one from an uncooperative child, flip the print over for the other hand.

  • Iron on fusible webbing to fall colored calico fabrics as well as a scrap of black and red.

  • Cut a right and left handprint from one of the fabrics. Cut out a bowling pin shaped head and body from the contrasting fabric.

  • Overlap palms of handprints with thumbs pointing down to become feet.  Position the body over the handprints.

  • Iron onto sweatshirt or desired surface following fusible webbing instructions.

  • Cut the turkey beard from red calico or washable felt.  Cut a beak and hat band from orange or yellow calico.   Cut hat from black fabric or washable felt.  Iron on using picture as placement guide.

  • Glue a button to hat.  Add wiggly eyes.  Outline turkey with matching dimensional paint.


Single Handprint Turkey:   Prepare fabric and cut out handprints using above instructions.   Also cut hat shape, band, beak, beard and feet from fabrics in shapes and colors shown.  Iron in place.  Add wiggly eye and dimensional paint as desired.

Tip:  Trace hand prints and foot prints of children each year and date.  It could be years before time is available to make these but they will still be cherished just as much.  Also you may find new projects after the children are grown and you can still make them if you saved the child's print pattern.  Always date with the year handprint was taken.


Turkey Handprint CardsA really easy and sentimental card!  Kids can make these for everyone special to them.  Help them cut the handprints and additional pieces (shown above) from colored paper or felt and let the child glue in place onto the front of a folded sheet of construction paper.  Glue one of the printed poems to the inside or below handprints.

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