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Hanky Church Angel Doll
(or Guardian Hanky Angel)

I purchased a little church doll (on left below) at a craft show years ago that I use as the angel topper on a table-top Christmas tree.  This year before I packed  her away I decided to duplicate her and make a church doll for my 4 year old granddaughter Trini. I didn't tear the angel apart, but examined her closely.  I don't know if I did her the same way or not exactly, but I was happy with the results.  I used one of Trini's grandfather's handkerchiefs, which I think makes it more special.  Of course it is clean!! LOL  Hope you can follow along.  If questions, e-mail me. 

This little angel can also be a Guardian Angel.  During sickness perhaps she could bring a little comfort.


Use a crisp men's handkerchief, about 18" square.  Fold over about 5".  Tear off a fluffy piece of fiberfill about the size of a tennis ball or a little smaller.  Squish it smaller and tie it in the center of the handkerchief for the head as shown below.  To get it perfectly centered first mark the center with a pin, otherwise the wings may be off center.  Tie the head off with a piece of narrow ribbon about 18" long.  This is temporarily tied in a bow but will be used more later.

Bring the very tip corner of each side (shown by an X above) to the FRONT as shown below, (so you'll be flipping the handkerchief).  Overlap and tack the corner tips together, which is the center of her arms/wings.  Glue or sew on lace along the bottom of her skirt as desired.

The next part is really tricky. The left wing below has been formed.  Grab at the X below and flip to the the back and then gather it up to the center.  The wing will puff out like the left and now she will have a waist.  Note:  The wing may have gotten pulled out a little in the picture below so look at the above picture too.

Untie the bow and bring the ribbon ends to the back.  Twist it down her back and then tie around her waist to hold the gathered waist in place.  Tie in a knot before making the bow.  See backs of dolls below.

Gather the arms a little and tack them to her chest.

Tack on a bouquet, gathered lace, ribbon, etc. for her to hold.  I used a left-over piece of lace (8 or 9 inches long) from the bottom and gathered it to look like a big rose and tacked a pink bow below it.  Add a gathered ring of lace or a ring of pearl beads for the halo.  Please be age conscious of the child... such as don't put beads on a doll for a toddler.


Sometimes the preacher
seems to go on and on,
and I know your patience
are really drawn upon.

So I'm your own little angel
sent to watch over you.
We'll have fun in the pews
playing silently as angels do.

We'll even go on fantasy trips
with imagination taking us away.
We just need to do it quietly and
remember to come back to pray.


My angel keeps me out of trouble
and goes to church with me.
She plays with me in the pew
and we're as quiet as can be.

We sing the hymns together
and she keeps me occupied.
I don't whine or fret anymore
so your patience won't get tried.

Yes, they all thank God for my angel
who keeps me in her love and care,
and now that I'm so very quiet
God can even hear our prayer!


Guardian Angel

I know you've not been feeling well,
however the doctor knows what to do,
but I'd like to offer a little more help
with this sweet angel to watch over you.
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