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Snake Twists

The glass snake pictured below can be purchased from Wild Beads & Things. Print HairSnake(tm) poems 4-up. 

Of course Little Sister wants to do everything that Big Sister or Mom does.  And she is going to love these cute snakes, so let her make her very own! 

  • Cut a piece of Jumbo chenile stem about 6" to 8" and wrap it around a pencil.  Glue a 1" pom to the top for head and glue wiggly eyes to head.  If desired decorate further using your imagination.
  • The pictured snake twist is presented on a braid of yarn, but it makes a nice gift when given wrapped around a pencil.
  • Print Snake Twist poems here 8-up.  Trim & fold in half for cards if desired. Stamp an image onto front of card or paste sticker or clip art. Home Page Available e-books Projects Collection Sales View and download wallpapers Our favorites on the web View Shirley's unpublished works