Friendship Jar with Card

Put a small candle, silk flower, tiny sponge, band aid, eraser, paper clip, candy, rubber band, chocolate kiss, button, gold thread, star and heart into a jar.  Paint jar lid.  Or cut a round piece of fabric to cover the top and hang over edges and then tie on with ribbon.  

Print onto nice paper.  Trim card and fold in half.  Add pretty stickers, drawings or clip art to the front of card.  There is a place provided to sign the card.

Or:  Fold construction paper, wallpaper, heavy cardstock, etc. in half.  Trim and cut the two halves of card apart.  Center the 1st half on the outside of card and the other half on the inside of card.  Glue in place with a glue stick.

Or:  If jar is large enough you can attach it to the jar with clear contact paper or a Xyron machine.  A color copy of it can be decoupaged on.


Friendship Jar
Author Unknown
Design from

A candle meant to light your way.
A flower to brighten your day.
A tiny sponge to dry your tears
and soak up the needless fears.

A band aid meant to help you mend
your feelings when they ache.
An eraser comes in handy when
you've made a big mistake.

A paper clip reminds me of
how close I feel to you.
A candy for something sweet
when you are feeling blue.

A rubber band for
a great big squeeze.
A chocolate kiss
is sure to please!

A button cause my lips are sealed,
your secrets all inside.
A golden thread that's in a knot
to say our hearts are tied.

A magic star to wish upon
to make your dreams come true.
A little heart cause that's the place
where I shall cherish you!!!!!

Your Friend,


Clip Art Credit:

Some graphics (bears) Dream Maker Software -
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