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Leap of Faith Froggy

  • Cut all three patterns from green fun foam. 
  • Cut up the arm lines on middle layer. 
  • Stack and glue the three pieces down but don't glue arms down. 
  • Use a fine tip black marker to draw the facial features. 
  • Glue pin, magnet or Velcro to back.
  • If desired add spots with black fun foam, paint or marker.
  • Tip:  Reverse after tracing so tracing lines don't show.

Patterns 2004

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Leap of Faith

The little frog sat on his lily pad
thinking of all he wish he had.
If only he could get to shore
life would offer so much more.

But he was afraid to take that leap.
If he missed, the water was deep!
So he sat safe amongst the muck
while grumbling that he was stuck.

He knew he would get nowhere
if he continued to sit right there,
so finally he cast his doubts aside
and made that leap of faith in stride!

Please remember this moral is true...
Your future depends mainly on you,
so don't just sit there and stress.
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