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Ann wrote this cute little poem for retirement to share.  It would be cute to give with gardening tools and seeds or a tool belt.  Thanks Ann.  You did a wonderful job!  A second poem follows.  This one would be cute with a certificate to a fast food place and even a recreation place too.  Or give it with cleaning supplies! lol

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2001Ann Driscoll

Even though you've just retired,
There's lots of work in store...
Fix the roof, paint the house,
And tile the bathroom floor.

The garden's overrun with weeds.
The fence has been neglected.
The tool shed's gotten out of hand.
Major clean-up's been projected.

Insulate the attic space.
Build a barbecue.
You won't have time to sit and rock.
There's too much stuff to do.

You've got a list of "Honey Do's"
But truth is, to be fair,
Your job is not to get things done,

--ann in NH 



2001  by Shirley Thomas

Now that you're retired
with plenty of time on your hands,
it's the perfect time
to spend time with the grands.

Wouldn't they love
a trip to the zoo,
then the batting cages
and fast food too?

And now you have time
for that leaky faucet,
and that junk in the garage...
finally just toss it!

There's lots of closets to clean
and dirty tiles to scrub,
with time left over to cook
some really fancy grub.

Yep, it's time to get in shape.
No more being a slob,
now that being retired
is your fulltime job!

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