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While tinkering with my old CraftMallUSA site, I found this from 1998.  Hope someone can use it.

Transform Heirloom Wedding Hanky to
Heirloom Hanky Bonnet

Carry this wedding hanky on your wedding day.   Then one day when your thoughts do turn from wedding sonnets to  baby bonnets, turn this hanky into a treasured heirloom as follows.

Baby Bonnet Side View- Craft Project from Hanky

Baby Bonnet Back View -- Craft Project from Hanky

Carefully remove the two bows at corners and press ribbon.

Fold two opposite edges of hanky up (with right sides showing) so that lace almost touches in the center and press.  This forms the front and back of bonnet.  See in the first picture how the lace almost touches.  Baste along the lace edge of the back to form a casing.   Insert the 24" piece of ribbon that you just removed from hanky into the casing (a safety pin helps here) and draw up so that center is about the size of a silver dollar.  Tie ribbon into a bow.  You can re-adjust later to fit baby.

Cut the remaining piece of ribbon in half for the two ties.   Fold under one end of each ribbon 1/2".  Tack the folded end of ribbon to each side of bonnet approximately 1-1/4" inside the front fold at lace junction. (Note:  If you don't wish to sew on ties, you can baste the front as you did the back and run the 30" piece of ribbon through the casing for ties.  This gives the bonnet a different look.)

One day the bonnet can be snipped at the threads and carried down the aisle as the start of a lovely tradition. Just keep these instructions to make the bonnet again and hand down generation to generation.

Start the tradition by giving awedding hanky to the bride.

Or start the tradition with the hanky baby bonnet as a baby gift. Home Page Available e-books Projects Collection Sales View and download wallpapers Our favorites on the web View Shirley's unpublished works