Teaching Sayings
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  1. Teachers love to hear the pitter patter of little feet... going out to recess.
  2. Teacher is always write!
  3. Knowledge without insight is like a horse in the library.
  4. Teacher's Motto:  When all else fails, pray for a fire drill.
  5.  Teachers are united mind workers.
  6. Teachers are the core of education.
  7. Caution!  Learning zone!
  8. Without teachers, life would have no class.
  9. Schools are run on kid power.
  10. A teacher affects all eternity.  We never know where a teacher's influence stops.
  11. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.
  12. Many can teach.  A special few can reach.
  13. If teachers were chickens, I'd peck you!
  14. Read each day. . . Keep the cobwebs away.
  15. Summer vacation is a time when parents realize that teachers are grossly underpaid.
  16. Teachers make little ones count!
  17. For every person wishing to teach, there are thirty not wanting to be taught, often in the same classroom.
  18. Education is not the filling of a pail. It is the lighting of a fire. (Yeats)
  19. Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. -- Chinese Proverb
  20. I'm just as lucky as I can be
    cause the world's best teacher is teaching me!
  21. Sending children to college is educational for parents.  It teaches them to do without many things.
  22. A teacher gives,
    a teacher shares,
    but most of all
    a teacher cares.
  23.  How do kids ever learn to read and write?  Bough, cough, dough, rough and through all end alike and none rhyme!
  24. Love is the square root of teaching.
  25. I went to school to become a wit, but only got half way through!

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  1. Where there is no knowledge, there is darkness. Where there is no involvement, there is no hope. Where there is no striving, there can be no excellence. Thank goodness teachers share their knowledge, get involved and strive for excellence in our children.

  2. Band directors stay in step.

  3. Librarians are happy bookers.

  4. Librarians are novel lovers

  5. When all else fails, ask a teacher.

  6. There is no substitute for a good teacher.

  7. Teachers are beary special.

  8. Music teachers are noteable.

  9. Music teachers give sound advice.

  10. Teachers Touches lives, Explains patiently, Affirms every effort, Cares to the core, Helps minds grow, Encourages excellence, Really is special"

  11. Praise the children and they will blossom

  12. Many can teach.  A special few can reach.

  13. Librarians are novel people.

  14. Take the novel approach.   Read.

  15. Teachers add up.

  16. When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear. -- Native American Saying

  17. Still in elementary school and loving every minute.

  18. A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.

  19. I meant to do my work today, but a brown bird sang in the apple tree and a butterfly flitted across the field and all the leaves were calling me!

  20. Preschool teachers enjoy the little things in life.

  21. I am a senior.  Bow to me.

  22. Some of the world's greatest discoveries were made through mistakes.  I should be a genius!!

  23. Learning is a journey, not a destination.

  24. School:  4 walls with tomorrow inside.

  25. Iím in the BUG club.  (Bringing Up Grades)

  26. Teachers have the write stuff.

  27. Kids are neat people.

  28. Spend time with your children so the probation officer wonít have to later.

  29. Kids who read succeed.

  30. PTA is kidsí stuff.

  31. A good book is a good friend.

  32. SUB Ė Sweet Old Buzzard

  33. A master can tell you what he expects of you. A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations.

  34. Exercise your mind.  Read!

  35. Itís not school.  Itís the principal of the thing!

  36. Look what I did in school.

  37. Be good.  Teacherís having a bad hair day!

  38. Good teachers are molders of dreams.

  39. Teaching creates all other professions.

  40. Teachers have homework AND housework.

  41. Some of my best friends are books.

  42. Responsibility educates.

  43. Teaching is a work of heart.

  44. Teachers touch the future.

  45. Teachers that love to teach create kids that love to learn.

  46. Go some place you've never been before -- READ!

  47. Education -- the gift that lasts forever.

  48. Teachers have to stay in school until they are 65!

  49. Giving is an education in itself. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

  50. Teachers are the core of education.

  51. A child mis-educated is a child lost. -- John F. Kennedy

  52. Teach today.  Touch tomorrow.

  53. Music teachers are in a noteworthy profession.

  54. Music teachers are really sharp!  ###

  55. Teachers make the little things count.  (with little children in pic)

  56. Teachers rule!  (put on a ruler)

  57. Bus drivers carry precious cargo.

  58. Bus drivers are the driving force to a good education

  59. A little learning is a dangerous thing.

  60. Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

  61. A library is an arsenal of liberty.

  62. When brains are needed, muscle won't help.

  63. Our future is in our schools.

  64. Practice is the best teacher.

  65. Books had instant replay long before televised sports.

  66. A great teacher loves teaching others to love learning.

  67. Experience is the hardest kind of teacher.  It gives you the test first and the lesson afterward.

  68. The drudgery of studying is nothing compared to the drudgery of ignorance.

  69. Even while they teach, men learn.

  70. Teachers inspire dreams, Shape lives, And give us hope for the future.

  71. My teacher, my friend, Inspiration without end. You opened my mind, And inspired my dreams.

  72. T'is education forms the common mind: Just as the twig is bent the tree's inclined. - Alexander Pope, 1688-1744

  73. I am returning this otherwise good typing paper to you because someone has printed gibberish all over it and put your name at the top.  --  English Professor, Ohio University

  74. The covers of some books are too far apart.

  75. It is only the ignorant who despise education.

  76. He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is hopeless and unteachable. He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a student.  Teach him.

  77. Coaches make us all feel like winners.

  78. Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all of its pupils.

  79. Illiterate?  Call this number for help.

  80. Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to narrow their mind. The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another.

  81. Behind every good student, stands a teacher's assistant.

  82. I'm just as lucky as I can be cause the world's best teacher is teaching me!

  83. Leading a child to learning's treasures gives a teacher untold pleasures.

  84. Beware of a man of one book. -- English Proverb

  85. I am reading a very interesting book about anti-gravity. I just can't put it down.

  86. It will be a great day when schools have all of the money they need and the Air Force has to hold a bake sale to buy another bomber.

  87. Parents never fully appreciate teachers until it rains all day.

  88. It is not true that we have only one life to live; if we can read, we can live as many more lives and as many kinds of lives as we wish.

  89. What teachers write on the chalkboard of life can never be erased.

  90. To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.

  91. Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't know.

  92. School days are the happiest days of your life, provided of course, that your kids are old enough to go.

  93. I don't need Spelling, my computer has a spell checker. I don't need English, my computer has a grammar checker. I don't need Math, I have a calculator. I don't need Handwriting, I have a laser printer. I don't need History. It's all on diskette. I don't need Reading, I have icons. I don't need Geography, I have Mapmaker. All I need is Computer class! 

  94.   2 Teach is
    +2 Touch a Life
      4 Ever

  95.   2 Read is
    +2 Open doors
      4 Ever

  96. Soupart publik edekasion.

  97. The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The truly great teacher inspires.

  98. Read to succeed.

  99. This is not a democracy.  It is a benevolent dictatorship.

  100. Faults are thick when love is thin.

  101. Self-esteem is so delicate a flower that praise tends to make it bloom, while discouragement often nips it in the bud. --Alex F. Osborn (1888 - 1966) Writer

  102. While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior. --Henry C. Link / Writer

  103. I shut my eyes in order to see.  --Paul Gauguin / Artist

  104. I don't raise them.  I just teach them!

  105. I'm not here to raise you. I'm here to teach you!

  106. Complex problems have simple, easy to understand wrong answers.

  107. The world will not come to an end if you fail to get an education.  It will simply pass you by!

  108. All year you gave us center stage.  Now it's time for you to take a bow and hear us say "Bravo!"

  109. No running while seated.

  110. Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself. -- Chinese Proverb

  111. Too bad, the people who really know how to run the country are busy teaching school.

  112. Reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body.

  113. Experience is the best teacher, but you're next best.

  114. Teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning.

  115. Proofread carefully to make sure you didn't any words out.

  116. Home Sweet Classroom

  117. Chalk it up to an A+ teacher.

  118. Teachers make the grade.

  119. Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics.  I can assure you mine are still greater.  --  Albert Einstein

  120. You're a grade A+ teacher.

  121. Discover wildlife.  Teach kids.

  122. Five out of four people have trouble with fractions.

  123. School bus drivers make special deliveries.

  124. Teacher Parking: Others will serve detention.

  125. Children love to learn.  They just hate to be taught.

  126. Teachers are testy.

  127. If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.

  128. If you can read this, thank a teacher.

  129. Listen up.  I'm the teacher.  I'm allowed to talk until I'm understood.  

  130. Work smarder not harter and be carefull of yor speling.

  131. Teachers have class.

  132. The most sure, but at the same time the most difficult experiment to mend the morals of the people, is a perfect system of education.  -- Catherine the Great

  133. Teachers are a class act.

  134. Every child should have mud pies, grasshoppers, water-bugs, tadpoles, frogs and mud-turtles, elderberries, wild strawberries, acorns, chestnuts, trees to climb, brooks to wade in, water-lilies, woodchucks, bats, bees, butterflies, various animals to pet, hayfields, pine-cones, rocks to roll, sand, snakes, huckleberries, and hornets; and any child who has been deprived of these has been deprived the best part of his education. Luther Burbank

  135. Condense soups, not books.

  136. Teaching is kid's stuff.

  137. A book is a present you can open again and again.

  138. A book is a friend you give to yourself.

  139. Bless your ABC heart!

  140. There are three kinds of people, the ones that can count and the ones that can't.

  141. Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers.

  142. Coaches are good sports.

  143. Art teachers are primarily colorful.

  144. Speech teachers take the sputter out of stutter.

  145. There is no one quite like a special teacher and no teacher quite as special as you.

  146. The best teachers teach from the heart, not just from the book.

  147. Curl up with a good book.  (put with a cat sleeping among books)

  148. History teachers are a link to the past.

  149. Praise the young and they will bloom.

  150. Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.

  151. Teacher's busy.  Take a number.  (Put with chalkboard and numbers on apples)

  152. Math teachers make life add up.

  153. Touches lives, Explains patiently, Affirms every effort, Cares to the core, Helps minds grow, Encourages excellence, Really is special T E A C H E R

  154. Any housewife, no matter how large her family, can always get some time alone by doing the dishes.

  155. Great teachers let us learn from our own mistakes!

  156. Sunday school teachers are the apple of His eye.

  157. God will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people.  Hebrews 6:10

  158. Sunday School Teacher:  You light the path, show the way and teach us how to love and pray.

  159. Teacher aids are a welcome addition.

  160. To teach is to learn.

  161. To learn is a blessing.  To teach and do it well is a gift.

  162. You can buy education, but wisdom is a gift from God.

  163. Always proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

  164. Teachers are angels in training.

  165. Teachers are a kid's best friend.

  166. School:  A mental institution?!?

  167. The University of Experience is the best, but the tuition is high.

  168. Teachers help us to learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow.

  169. Teachers change the world, one child at a time.

  170. Seek the fountain of wisdom. . . reading!

  171. The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one

  172. Education doesn't just fill up a mind, it opens it.

  173. A teacher plants learning seeds that grow forever.

  174. Teachers cannot live on apples alone.

  175. You are the apple of my eye.

  176. Tears rolled my first day of school.  Mommy couldn't stop crying.

  177. Science teachers have the right chemistry.

  178. The art of teaching is the art of assisting in discovery.

  179. I'm as lucky as can be cause my Mom reads to me!

  180. English teachers put you in the know.

  181. Happiness is a warm bed and a good book.

  182. Three reasons to be a teacher:  June, July and August

  183. Schoolitis:  An acute allergy to Monday mornings.  May last through Friday.  Disappears during summers.

  184. An apple a day keeps the F's away.

  185. I find television very educational.  Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book. -- Groucho Marx

  186. A teacher's mission: Take a lot of live wires and make sure they are well-grounded.

  187. My best subjects are lunch and recess.

  188. If you can read this, thank your first grade teacher, and your second, and your third. . .

  189. Teaching is the mother of all professions.

  190. A bus driver's problems are always behind him.

  191. Bus drivers are the only people whose troubles are all behind them

  192. Keep your paws off my book!  (with paw prints on book cover or  bookmark)

  193. The computer ate my lesson plan.

  194. Too much homework can cause brain damage.

  195. I'm allergic to homework.

  196. Too much homework makes Jack a dull boy.

  197. Too much homework makes Jane a dull girl.

  198. To read is to live life to the fullest.

  199. Congratulations Mama and Papa Bear.  Baby Bear is just right!

  200. As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in public schools.

  201. I will not shout. I will not holler & kick. I will not pout.  I will not hit with my stick.   Cuz I'm the teacher.

  202. I promise never to yell in class.  I promise never to throw things, slam things, hit or punch.  I promise not to have a temper tantrum.  I promise to set a good example, because I am the teacher.

  203. I will not yell on the bus, I will not throw things, I will not get mad and hit.  I will not put gum under the seat.  I will keep my eyes on the road, because I am the driver.

  204. Teachers are a special grade in a class by themselves.

  205. You can't scare me.  I teach!

  206. A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.

  207. All I ever needed to know I learned from my teacher.

  208. You can't scare me.  I drive a school bus!

  209. Anyone can drive, but it takes someone special to drive a school bus.

  210. A bad hair day is not an excused absence.

  211. Knowledge increases in proportion to its use; that is, the more we teach the more we learn.

  212. Do your homework, just because it's there!

  213. U R A grate teecher!

  214. Don't be a fool, stay in school.  Just graduate SOME day!

  215. Never judge a book by its movie!

  216. TEACHER T is for your trust, E is for your encouragement, A is for your assurance, C is for your caring, H is for your heartfelt dedication, E is for your effort and R means I'll remember you always.

  217. Angels are students in heaven and teachers on earth.

  218. Curiosity is the best source of education.

  219. If you can read this, thank a teacher.

  220. Liberal Arts Major - will think for food!

  221. Teachers plant the seeds to the future.

  222. Education pays -- unless you are the educator.



Teachers are so special for all they do,
Helping make me ready for the future bright and new.
Patience, wisdom, hard work, love are gifts you give so true.
Thanks so much for helping me. I'm glad my teacher's you!

1. Flowers- If teachers were flowers, I'd pick you. Thanks for all you do!
2. Cinnamon Bears- I can't bear to think what school would be like without you. You're a great teacher!
3. Candle and matches- No one "matches" you as a teacher! You're a "strike" above the rest!
4. Plant- Thanks for helping our students grow! We appreciate all you do!
5. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups- There are many "reeses" why I think you're a great teacher!
6. Ice Cream and Scoop- Here's the "scoop"..... you're the best teacher around!
7. Nutter Butter Cookies- There's "Nutter Butter" teacher around! You're just the best!
8. Book- I'll "book" you as my teacher any day!
9. Four Leaf Clover Plant- I sure am "Lucky" to have you as my teacher!
10. Berry Pie or Jam- You're the "berry" best teacher around! Thanks for always being there.
11. CD or Tape- Just a "note" to let you know you're the best teacher!! Thanks for all you do!
12. Movie Tickets- These tickets are to "show" how much we appreciate all you do! You're a great teacher!!
13. Creme pie- When it comes to teachers.... you're the "creme" of the crop!
14. Donuts- "Donut" you know you're the best teacher around! Thanks for all you do!
15. Apples and Hershey's Hugs- Teachers can't live by "apples" alone... they need "hugs" too!
16. Notepad- To a "noteworthy" teacher.
17. Warm loaf of bread- Teachers "warm" the heart.
18. Mounds- Thanks for your "Mounds" of patience. Teachers don't come any better than you! Or You're a great teacher and "Mounds" of fun too!
19. M & Ms You're a "magnificent" and "marvelous" teacher! Thanks for all you do!
20. Chips and salsa- You're one "Hot" teacher!
21. Lifesavers- You are a real "Lifesaver" teacher! Thanks for all you do!
22. Grater and cheese- To a "grate" teacher!
23. Banana bread- If I could choose my teacher and I searched the whole world through, I'd simply go "bananas" trying to find a better teacher than you! You're the best of the bunch!
24. Apples- If teachers were like apples I'd pick you!
25. Orange sticks- I'll "stick" with you for my teacher.
26. Extra gum- You always go the "extra" mile. We appreciate all you do for our students!
27. Yard stick- No one measures up to you when it comes to teaching! You're simply the best! or "Yards" of thanks to you teacher for a job well done.
28. Hand lotion - A life richly blessed is one touched by a teacher like you!
29. Nuts - I'm nuts about you as a teacher!
30. Soft batch cookies - I have a "soft' spot for you, Teacher! Thanks for all you do!
31. U-No - "U-No" we think a lot of you. You're a great teacher!
32. Mints - You "mint" alot to me! You're the best teacher!
33. Carrot cake - I really "carrot" a lot about you! Thanks for all you do for me. I really appreciate it!
34. Soup Mix. You're a "souper" teacher! I couldn't ask for
any better!
35. Hot cocoa mix. Teacher you "warm" my heart.
36. 7-Up or Sprite. Teacher you make my day "sparkle."
37. Gum. By "gum" you're a great teacher!
38. Gummi dinosaurs. You're a "dino-mite" teacher.
39. Rocky Road. Teachers like you make the "Rocky Road" smooth. Thanks for all you do!
40. Watermelon Jolly Ranchers. Teacher.... you're one in a "Melon"
41. Broom. You're "dust" the best teacher around! Thanks for all you do!
42. Heart. Teacher..... you have a special place in my "heart"!
43. Special Treat. Teachers come and teachers go but you're the best I'll ever know! Thanks for always being there!
44. Hershey's Hugs and Kisses. Hugs and kisses, stars for wishes....you make me reach for the stars! Thanks for all your help!!!
45. Swedish Fish. Teacher...I'm "hooked" on you! You're the best teacher around!
46. Cup of Gold Bar You win the "gold" medal in my book! You're the best teacher anyone could ask for.
47. Amazin Fruits You're amazing when it comes to teaching! You're the best!
48. Ice cream. Here's the scoop teacher: We think you're super!
49. Container of smarties- Any way you spell it teacher we think you're a smartie!
50. Pears- You and teaching make a perfect pear!
51. A large ruler (can be personalized with teacher's name) You measure up with us teacher!
52. Bag of seeds The seeds you plant will last a lifetime!
53. Reese's Pieces or a puzzle We just go to "pieces" expressing our gratitude for you teacher!
54. New box of pens or pencils You have all the "write" stuff teacher!
55. Jar of jam or strawberry tarts To a berry good teacher.
56. Plate of donuts "Donut" feel terrific when Friday is over?
57. Basket of bananas, oranges and apples You make learning a-peeling.

Kool Aid

You're the one who helps
til we can do it by ourselves,
and you do it with a style
that always brings a smile.

Our teacher's true friend...
your help is without end.
We ask and you're there
with attention and care.

We love coming to school
because you are so cool.
You really make the grade
Cause you're one cool aid!

So hereís a little gift
May it give you a lift.
Itís special kool aidÖ
just for our cool aid!
by shirleyt

Teacher Survival Kit copied from ths:
T-issues to dry our happy tears (also t for the time you give us each
day...included was an inexpensive watch)
E-xcedrin for the times you need it (also energy to make learning fun
and interesting....energy bar of some sort)
A-lways flexible(rubber band)
C-rayon to color your days bright and cheerful....also candle to celebrate our birthdays also chalk...for writing our brainstorming ideas...
H-ugs and kisses from the whole class (chocolate kisses)
E-raser to start our day with a clean slate (I said this constantly!)
R-oses because you deserve them(silk roses)(and one group brought in a single live rose)

When God created teachers,
He gave us special friends
To help us understand His world
And truly comprehend
The beauty and the wonder
Of everything we see,
And become a better person
With each discovery.
When God created teachers,
He gave us special guides
To show us ways in which to grow
So we can all decide
How to live and how to do
What's right instead of wrong,
To lead us so that we can lead
And learn how to be strong.
Why God created teachers,
In His wisdom and His grace,
Was to help us learn to make our world
A better, wiser place.

* Present each teacher with a single carnation flower with the following poem attached;
Children are like seeds planted in the garden of life.
It is a parent's and teacher's job to nourish that seed.
Like the sun, they shine love and kindness upon it.
Like the rain, they shower it with affection.
And like the soil, they shelter it and provide a safe place for growth.

Bus Driver's Prayer
May the roads be clear
and traffic not slow.
May our drive not be hindered
by rain, sleet or snow.
May we reach safe and sound
all the places we go.

Bus Driver's Prayer
Author Unknown

May the roads be clear
and traffic not slow
May our drive not be hindered
by rain, sleet or snow.
May we reach safe and sound
all the places we go.

  2 Teach is
+2 Touch a Life
  4 Ever

  2 Read is
+2 Open doors
  4 Ever